Activist. Cropped Image courtesy of Kyle Field | CleanTechnica.

In the Fight for Voting Rights, Michigan Is Determined to Win

In 2020, Michigan smashed its record for voter turnout. With 5.5 million voters casting ballots across the state, 71% of residents 18 or older participated in the general election. Two years later, the state broke records again, with the highest midterm election turnout in the state’s history. Compared to the … [continued]

Podcast: Ballot Initiative Shapes Iowa Town’s Fight for Local Power

Fed up with their electricity provider Alliant Energy, one of Iowa’s largest monopoly utilities, Decorah area residents decided to explore their options for pursuing cleaner, local energy and how the city could create a municipal electric utility for its 8,000 residents and business community. Advocates formed Decorah Power, a grassroots group of residents and community organizers making a clear case for municipal control, and the group has been garnering support for putting the public back in their public utility.