VinFuture Grand Prize Laureates (from left to right) Professors Martin Green, Stanley Whittingham, Rachid Yazami and Akira Yoshino, who collaborated and created the lithium-ion battery. Photo by Ludi E. Tribdino.

Meeting the Creators of Renewable Energy & Battery Storage Technologies Recognized at the 2023 VinFuture…

Electrifying is most appropriate to describe the emotion of being among the creators of renewable and energy storage systems that we all know and depend upon now. At the VinFuture Prize Awards held at the Hanoi Opera House on December 20, the brilliant minds of professors Martin Green, Stanley Whittingham, … [continued]

At the Vinfast Hai Phong battery assembly plant (Photo by Kyle Field, Cleantechnica)

Vingroup Invests In Second Battery Factory As Vingroup Chief Turns Over His Shares In VinES

Vietnam’s only electric car maker, VinFast, got a massive shot in the arm as Vingroup Chairman Pham Nhat Vuong donated 99.8% of his shares in VinES Energy Solutions Joint Stock Company to VinFast. The merger is designed to further enhance the automaker’s self-sufficiency in the battery technology and production chain, … [continued]

Gentlemen from Doha query a Vinfast representative abou the VF9, Vinfast’s top-of-the-line EV. (Photo from Vinfast)

VinFast Unveils Latest EVs At Geneva International Motor Show 2023 In Qatar

DOHA, QATAR — Vietnamese electric vehicle maker VinFast is showcasing four of its electric vehicle models at the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS), Qatar 2023, ongoing in Doha, until October 14, 2023.  This is the first time VinFast has officially introduced its fully electric vehicles to the Middle East market, … [continued]

VinFast VF8s on the road. (Photo from VinFast)

VinFast & Black Spade Business Combination Expected To Close August 14

Today, it is expected that the business combination between Vietnamese electric car make VinFast and global investment company Black Spade Acquisition Co. will finally be confirmed. Both companies previously announced this last August 10 after an agreement was reached at an extraordinary general meeting of Black Spade’s shareholders. Upon the … [continued]