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Trump Administration Statement At COP24 Doubles Down On Backwards Thinking

Speaking on Wednesday at the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), better known as COP24, the United States doubled-down on its allegiance to the fossil fuel industry and a business-as-usual case, while further espousing a view about its emissions levels that is beginning to bear less and less relation with the truth. 

Pretty Picture…

Here’s a nice short piece from one of our readers: By Bob Wallace Recently someone was saying that renewables weren’t replacing fossil fuels. I decided how to see how one might clearly demonstrate that they are. I took the electricity market share for fossil fuels, nuclear, and renewables from 2000 … [continued]

National Survey: Nearly 90% Of Americans Say Government Should Act On Global Warming, Push Ahead…

In contrast to a bitterly divided Congress, there is also broad public support for eliminating fossil fuel subsidies, taxing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, and lowering emissions regardless of what other countries may or may not do, according to a national survey conducted by 4C — George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication and the Yale Center for Climate Change Communication.