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Tesla Not Likely Going Over 100 kWh For Model S/X, Model 3 Not Getting 100kWh…

As he tends to do, Elon Musk went on a Twitter rampage, responding to questions from the Twittersphere. In doing so and as he’s also in the habit of doing, he shed light on some rather interesting details about the Model S and X battery size, Model 3 battery size as limited by the physical footprint of the vehicle and a few tips on stripping down a Tesla for maximum performance.

New Tesla Model S Refresh Fascia Upgrade From Unplugged Performance Unveiled

Originally published on EV Obsession. Unplugged Performance is known for jazzing up Teslas to make them a bit sportier, slicker, or simply fitting for the unique individual consumer who orders the aftermarket upgrade. As we noticed during our interview with Unplugged Performance founder and CEO Ben Schaffer a couple of months ago, Unplugged Performance … [continued]

Hyperloop Is Coming To Town

Our friends over at Unplugged Performance (company site here) threw a smashing party just a few short weeks back for the Tesla Model 3 unveiling. While there, we were fortunate enough to get an exclusive tour of their facility and chat for a bit with founder Ben Schaffer. They had two of their … [continued]

Unplugged Performance of Tesla Model S

Originally published on Gas2. The Tesla Model S has made it. You can tell, because — in addition to selling like plug-in hotcakes — the wealthiest and most discerning buyers of Elon’s electric luxury car have begun to turn to the automotive aftermarket to help make their Tesla just a little bit more … [continued]