Ukraine solar

Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation and Menlo Electric will donate photovoltaic installations for Ukrainian schools and hospitals

Ukraine Schools & Hospitals Getting Solar + Storage From “Energy Act For Ukraine Foundation” &…

Sadly, Ukraine is still suffering tremendously from Russia’s ill-fated, cruel, inhumane, and illogical invasion of its borders. The people of Ukraine are still fighting for their own survival as a country, and many have of course died in the fight. They need all the help they can get, including electricity … [continued]

Solar power plant in Crimea, Ukraine (currently occupied by Russia). Photo by CleanTechnica.

Tour Of Perovo Solar Power Station (CT Exclusive — Interviews, Videos, Pictures)

Following up on the teaser videos I shared last week, below are some videos with a lot more information about the Perovo Solar Power Station in Crimea, Ukraine. The very basic facts — which you’ll also hear in the interviews — are as follows: 6th-largest solar PV power plant in … [continued]