Tesla Roadster 2

Tesla Vehicle Revenue In 2022 — $73.7 Billion?

What will Tesla revenue be in 5 years, in 2022? I don’t think anyone has the magic answer, and opinions vary drastically, but here are the results of my fun exercise in Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X, Semi, Roadster 2, Pickup, Energy, and Network revenue, gross margins, and gross profit in 2022. Have fun exploring the possibilities along with me.

Cleantech Talk’s Tesla Truck Take (Episode 41)

This week is Cleantech Talk’s Tesla Truck take. Anyone can offer a “hot take” on current events, and darn near every media outlet did! But it takes a brave team (or just a very busy-with-other-work one!) to offer a “cold take” weeks later. In our defense, we were trying to add something to CleanTechnica’s already-substantive coverage and reflections (e.g., this and this).

Why Does Tesla Do Everything Better?

The #1 complaint about Tesla seems to be that … we have to wait too long for mass production of its products. That’s sort of a sign that the company is doing things quite well. Actually, if you crunch the numbers, you can see that Tesla cars offer more range, better performance, better interior tech, better semi-autonomous driving features, better charging options, and …