Army develops new hybrid EV (courtesy of US Army).

US Army Goes All Chevy Volt With New Hybrid EV

The US Army is working on a more fuel efficient, lightweight and protective multi-purpose vehicle to replace its notoriously outdated Humvee, and we’re shocked — shocked! — to learn that the new prototype features an all-electric drive. The new vehicle, called ULV (Ultra-Light Vehicle) primarily uses diesel fuel to power … [continued]

Army’s New Diesel-Electric Hybrid Vehicle Shines at Indy 500

A light rain was falling over the Indianapolis Motor Speedway last Friday (according to the Daily Trackside Report) but that didn’t stop the Army’s rather awkward looking but fuel efficient diesel-electric hybrid Clandestine Extended Range Vehicle (CERV) from going out for a demonstration spin. The CERV has been on display at the track as part of the buildup to the 100th running of the Indy 500.

U.S. Army Goes All Out for Ecollaboration

Ecollaboration sounds like a Disney World installation but it’s serious business for the U.S. Army.  The Army’s Tank, Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) plans to have one of the biggest displays at next week’s SAE International 2010 World Congress, which will focus on collaborative  automotive technologies that address … [continued]