US Concentrated Solar Power Firms Ramp Up To Gigawatt Scale

Three US-based Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) startups are now making the leap to gigawatt-scale CSP projects at the global level. Two — SolarReserve and BrightSource Energy — were recipients of Department of Energy federal support through the Loan Guarantee Program and subsequent ARPA-E awards for R&D that helped them refine their innovative technologies. The third, Glasspoint Solar, took a different approach.

Crescent Dunes 24-Hour Solar Tower Is Online

SolarReserve’s breakthrough Crescent Dunes solar tower with thermal storage has successfully generated electricity at its full 110 MW capacity. With this milestone achieved, the CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) project has now passed the necessary test to begin full commercial operation under its 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with NV Energy to … [continued]

CSP & PV Hybrid Plants Gain Sway In Chile

No longer is it simply the choice between CSP and PV plants for generating renewable electricity from our sun. A growing number of hybrid plants are being launched that combine the assets of concentrating solar power with photovoltaic elements. Almost one year ago, US-based SolarReserve announced its Copiapó CSP-PV hybrid … [continued]