solar roofs

Haiti’s Solar Powered Hospital

Maintaining steady electricity flow in hospitals is literally an issue of life and death. In places where electrical power is unreliable, hospitals are forced to rely on generators, even in the midst of surgery or with patients on ventilators. So what’s a hospital in Haiti supposed to do? Install 1,800 … [continued]

Largest Transparent Photovoltaic Roof in the US

  The oncology division of the US head office of pharmaceutical company Novartis will soon be looking up to the country’s largest transparent photovoltaic roof. Sunways AG announced the news of its largest individual order for building integrated photovoltaics to date. The office building was designed by architectural firm Rafael Viñoly … [continued]

20% of Queenslanders May Soon Be on Solar

  Hordes of Queensland residents are trying to get in on the 44 Australian cents per kilowatt hour government kickback for homes that export power back to the electricity grid. Beginning on July 9, solar PV incentives dropped to 8 cents per kilowatt hour. According to Australian power company Energex, … [continued]

Toys”R”Us Installing Largest Solar Roof in North America

It’s hard not to report on the biggest solar, wind, or other renewable energy projects when they pop up (or get close to popping up). And why shouldn’t I? It’s a sign that these clean energy sources are maturing and an encouragement to you and others to implement clean energy projects yourself! The latest ‘biggest’ solar project I’ve read news about is an especially ‘fun’ one. Toys”R”Us (how do I make that “R” go backwards) is dropping the largest solar rooftop installation in North America on its distribution center in Flanders, New Jersey (its largest distribution center).

Passive Solar Glass Roofing Tiles

Interested in re-roofing your house? Or building a home and wondering what roofing system to go with? Check this out… Swedish company SolTech Energy has developed some cool-looking, award-winning solar glass roofing tiles. (Note: these are not active solar tiles but a passive solar roofing option.) The glass tiles can … [continued]