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Toys”R”Us Installing Largest Solar Roof in North America

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It’s hard not to report on the biggest solar, wind, or other renewable energy projects when they pop up (or get close to popping up). And why shouldn’t I? It’s a sign that these clean energy sources are maturing and an encouragement to you and others to implement clean energy projects yourself! The latest ‘biggest’ solar project I’ve read news about is an especially ‘fun’ one. Toys”R”Us (how do I make that “R” go backwards) is dropping the largest solar rooftop installation in North America on its distribution center in Flanders, New Jersey (its largest distribution center).

New Jersey a Solar Energy Leader

Of course, New Jersey has some of the most attractive solar incentives in the country. I’m sure those went a long way in encouraging Toys“R”Us to take this route — you can make money on a solar investment in no time in New Jersey.

“New Jersey’s leadership in providing renewable, clean energy opportunities for companies has helped pave the way for an installation of this size and underscores the state as a champion for solar energy growth across North America,” Jerry Storch, Chairman and CEO, Toys“R”Us, Inc said.

Toys“R”Us Solar Roof

For you details lovers, here’s a little more info on the solar roof project:

Staging for the system is currently underway and construction will conclude this summer. Upon completion, the 5.38 megawatt on-site solar mechanism will occupy 869,294 square feet and is estimated to generate 72 percent of the electrical needs for the Toys“R”Us®facility.

This solar power installation will cover nearly 70% of the distribution center’s 1,281,000-square-foot roof and will consist of more than 37,000 ultra lightweight UNI-SOLAR® brand photovoltaic solar panels, manufactured by United Solar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices. Depending on weather conditions, the system is expected to produce approximately 6,362,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year. Generating the same amount of electricity using non-renewable sources would result in the release of an estimated 4,387 metric tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent emissions from 860 passenger vehicles or that of the electricity used to power 532 homes annually.

Toys“R”Us a Cleantech Leader?

Now, as I said above, Toys“R”Us is going to benefit financially from this installation. For that reason, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reasons, or that and CSR reasons, the company is not only implementing clean energy and energy efficiency projects in New Jersey. Here’s more:

Beyond the solar project in Flanders, NJ, the company is making a number of sustainable upgrades to its existing stores around the country and incorporating renewable and energy efficient features into its new locations. In January 2010, a rooftop solar power system was installed at the Babies“R”Us in North Brunswick, NJ through a partnership with the developer. This was the first “R”Us® store to utilize solar energy, which currently provides approximately 67% of the electricity needs for the location. This spring, another rooftop solar system at the “R” Superstore in Secaucus, NJ will be installed in partnership with Hartz Solar, a subsidiary of Secaucus-based Hartz Mountain Industries, and is estimated to generate 33% of electricity for the location. Toys“R”Us continues to look for opportunities to integrate solar-powered energy, including at the corporate headquarters in Wayne, NJ, its distribution centers and other “R”Us store locations nationwide.

Not bad.

Now, if they could just cut out the plastic!

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