solar roadways

Sampling Of Roadway Renewable Energy Designs

Roadway renewable energy enthusiasts might be interested in seeing some of these demonstrations, referred to by the Federal Highway Administration  as “Alternate Uses of Highway Right-of-Way (ROW).” Although some may believe renewable energy test are a new thing, rest assured, they are not at all, writes the Federal Highway Administration … [continued]

Solar Roadways (the company) to Build Solar Panel Parking Lot (+ Top Transportation Stories)

Solar roads have been a dream of countless cleantech lovers for awhile now. And there’s actually a company with the name Solar Roadways. We’ve written about the potential of solar roads and solar bike lanes a number of times over the years, but there’s news out now that Solar Roadways has received a $750,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration to build a parking lot in Idaho paved with solar panels, the most practical application of the idea I’ve heard of in the U.S.

Solar Highways Turn Public Liabilities into Assets

One of the great things about photovoltaics is that all they need is an unobstructed piece of ground, and some basic maintenance, and they pump out electricity all day long. But finding a piece of ground that can be devoted solely to solar collectors can be a challenge, especially in the populated areas that need the power the most, so you will often find solar panels perched atop some structure, where they are exposed to higher winds, and are more difficult to maintain. But the solution to this problem might be on your way to work every day; in the unused spaces that surround our national grid of highways.