Solar Rights Alliance

California Solar Rights Bill Up for March Hearing

California’s Solar Rights Bill, SB 288, is up for hearing as early as March 5 by the State Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications, with the potential to become law by the end of March. The bill would remove barriers to solar, including outdated tariffs and delayed connections to the grid, protecting the estimated 800,000 solar homes in the state, as well as potential adopters.

The Solar Rights Alliance Connects Solar Owners In Support Of Solar Rights

In the back room of a steakhouse just outside of the Solar Power International show in Anaheim, California, an influential group of solar industry leaders met to talk about the future of the solar industry. The idea for a single group that they could all feed into and support that would rally customers, advocates, and activists to preserve the handful of regulations that are so critical to ensuring access to rooftop solar for utility customers across California had brought them all together.