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Sea-Green Solar Glass Covers 25,000-Square-Meter School In Denmark — 12,000 Solar Panels

Sea Green is possibly the most soothing calm color of the entire color spectrum. Imagine how wonderful it must be to be encompassed and surrounded by 1,200 sea green solar arrays as a student at C.F. Møller-designed International School Nordhavn in Copenhagen. It is cleantech magic informing the architecture — not only soothing to the eye but refreshing to the student’s mind and body as the solar panels produce clean energy and keep the air cleaner while adding to the building’s aesthetic.

Solar Cell Tariffs Won’t Create A Significant Number Of Jobs For Americans, Will Eliminate Tens…

Suniva and SolarWorld have filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission claiming cheap solar cells and solar panels from China made it impossible for them to compete and drove them into bankruptcy. The claim is not about subsidies given to those companies by the Chinese government, only that the imported products are cheap and hurt Suniva’s and SolarWorld’s business. (Note that Suniva itself is a subsidiary of a Chinese solar company that opposed the complaint.)