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Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Loves Her Tesla & Elon Musk’s Roughness

In a Yahoo Finance video discussion about Tesla and its stock, Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank cuts right to the chase: “I own a Tesla and don’t say anything wrong to me about it.” She also points out that she invests in Tesla as well. Her thoughts on Tesla’s “slumping after a double downgrade” are that these guys are just “hedging their bets” and that they don’t want to be wrong. “It’s all nonsense,” she says.

When Tesla’s Co-Founders Faced The Shark Tank

Originally published on TeslaMondo. Have you seen the TV show? Aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to “shark” venture capitalists. Well, here’s how young Tesla Motors conceived, polished and pitched its big idea, as recounted by co-founder Marc Tarpenning in this under-exposed interview. TeslaMondo has mildly refined it for logical and temporal flow, and … [continued]