The Sense Solar Home Energy Monitor Is Like An X-Ray For Your Home Electrical System…

After the climate change-fueled wildfire season of 2017 gobbled up our home, we rebuilt our home the right way, with rooftop solar, energy storage, and no fossil fuels piped to the house. For our new fully electric home, I was eager to understand what appliances were energy hogs and by how much. Having just talked with Sense CEO Mike Phillips about their solution, a review was the obvious next step and it was right on time.

Behavioral Efficiency Makes Sense

When you review your monthly electric bill from the utility, do you ever wonder how the electrical usage all breaks down to individual loads? Sure, you know that conventional air conditioners and kitchen appliances are the largest offenders in gobbling up kWh, but what if you could tell what various electrical devices in your house were up to? How much power is being used by the smart TV you just turned off? Do you really need 150w bulbs in the basement fixtures? How about knowing when the garage door opens or when the dehumidifier is running, what is the usage is there?