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"Newport, Rhode Island" by Artur Staszewski is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Newport, Rhode Island, Deals With The Reality Of Sea Level Rise

Newport, Rhode Island, is a summer oasis. It boasts mansions from the Gilded Era, a Cliff Walk that peers out over the Atlantic Ocean, some of the best sailing in the world, white sand beaches with gently rolling surf, and a marina area filled with enticing shops, restaurants, and accommodations. … [continued]

Photo by Carolyn Fortuna / CleanTechnica

What Can We Do To Protect Our Coastal Communities From Extreme Weather Damage?

Joe DiStefano, CEO of UrbanFootprint, wants you to be aware of the surprising overlap between prominent regional climate risks and domestic migration patterns. It’s clear that we’re witnessing a growing trend of people moving into areas prone to extreme weather threats, such as coastal communities. DiStefano says that it is … [continued]

Observations Confirm Model Predictions of Sea-Level Change from Greenland Melt

Accurate predictions of regional sea-level change are essential in understanding the impact of climate change on coastal areas Rising sea levels from melting glaciers and ice sheets pose an increasing threat to coastal communities worldwide. A new analysis of high-resolution satellite observations takes a major step forward in assessing this … [continued]