Plug-In Cars = 60% Of New Car Sales In Norway In September

Exponential electric vehicle adoption has been at play in Norway for several years. I remember attending EVS27 in Barcelona back in late 2013 and the hottest news of previous months had been Norway achieving stunning EV market share milestones. That October, plug-in vehicles had risen to 8% market share! Electric cars had been the top selling cars in the country two months in a row — the Tesla Model S in September and the Nissan LEAF in October. The market share had been 7% in September. 7% and 8% market share were figures no other country would touch for years.

How Green Is Your Country? (Map)

This article was originally published on RenewEconomy. Today’s Graph of the Day comes courtesy of The Energy Collective, and gives an interesting perspective of the level of renewable energy in the electricity systems of countries across the globe: the lighter the green, the higher the percentage of renewables. But appearances … [continued]