7 Ways Tesla Could Boost Profits

Tesla’s growth in recent years has been phenomenal, something for the history books and economics textbooks. It is also what some of us predicted 10 years ago. Most seemed to doubt Tesla’s growth potential, but the path forward seemed clear, and it was clear enough that Tesla rose to the … [continued]

Image by Sara Levine | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Researchers Using AI to Aid Disaster Response & Recovery

For some, all the talk about artificial intelligence sounds like science fiction, where futuristic societies are overrun by robots that begin to think for themselves. And given all the hype about AI, it is not surprising that 61 percent of respondents in a recent Reuters poll believed that AI poses … [continued]

JIDU Robocar Released

Back in June, we covered Baidu and Geely’s new robotaxi design, slated to be built by their joint venture: JIDU. Now, a limited edition of the car has been announced, with pricing to match. Today, #JIDU officially released the limited edition of its first-ever robocar, #ROBO-01 Lunar Edition, priced at … [continued]