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ISP Syokinet Solutions Partners With Roam To Introduce 100 Electric Motorcycles For Its Field Technicians…

When it comes to the conversation about motorcycles in Africa, most of the talk is centered around the motorcycle taxi industry. That’s because there are tens of millions of motorcycles operating in the taxi industry across multiple countries. All of these are still essentially internal combustion engine motorcycles. This large … [continued]

Bolt Partners With M-KOPA To Launch Electric Motorcycle Fleet In Kenya — Will Deploy 5,000…

Bolt, a leading on-demand mobility company in Africa, in collaboration with M-KOPA, a leading African fintech platform, today announced the launch of its electric bike fleet in Kenya. Through this partnership, new and existing drivers will have the opportunity to lease ROAM and Ampersand electric motorbikes at a discounted price … [continued]

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Roam Teams Up With QuickMart To Introduce Roam Hub Charging Stations For Electric Motorcycles In…

Several firms that are active in Kenya’s nascent electric motorcycle sector are starting to ramp up their operations. This has resulted in an increased number of electric motorcycles on the roads in Kenya, especially in the capital, Nairobi. Some of these players introduced their electric motorcycles with select partners in … [continued]

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Kenyan Startup Roam Secures $24 Million in Funding to Accelerate Electric Mobility Solutions

The transition to electric mobility is gaining momentum around the world. For example, the electric two-wheeler market has been growing rapidly around the world over the past few years due to several factors, which include increasing fuel prices, rapid urbanization in developing countries, and the global push to reduce air … [continued]

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Roam Partners With Schools & Public Transport Operators To Launch The Roam Move Electric Shuttle…

As you drive around Nairobi, Kenya, you will not miss the bright yellow school buses transporting learners to and from school as well as around town for sporting and other engagements. These school buses are still essentially all diesel buses. Whilst the Matatu (minibus) sector has been getting a lot … [continued]