The Netherlands Aerospace Centre Stuns The World, Opens Research Facility For The Future Of Electric…

Urban electric air mobility has taken to the skies with fury, so more airports are taking a closer look at the future of electric air mobility. What was once thought of as something that could only happen in 20 years has already been making great strides the past two years. The Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) believes in the future of electric aviation so much and is so eager to contribute to the cause that it opened its research facility in Marknesse, Netherlands, to help develop the future of electric mobility.

12,500 Solar Jobs Lost In The UK

A new survey has found that the number of jobs lost across the UK solar industry could be as much as 12,500, or around one-third of previous total employment. The figures stem from a new comprehensive survey from PWC and the UK Solar Trade Association which showed that the 238 … [continued]