A Decade of GoAmazon

Ten years later, data gathered in Brazil have proven highly influential across atmospheric science: GoAmazon Looking out over the Amazon rainforest can seem like viewing a vast sea of trees. Its size, areas of relative isolation, and biodiversity make it a unique environment and natural laboratory. It is the closest … [continued]

A house in Alaska. Photo courtesy of NREL.

Clean Energy, One Community At A Time

PNNL helps communities transition to clean energy and boost their energy resilience Heating and cooling a home. Lighting for reading or studying. Cooking and storing food. Refrigerating medications. Traveling to a job or school. Energy unlocks access to nearly everything, so communities without reliable energy can experience not only daily … [continued]

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory deployed a new flux sensor (instrument furthest to the right) in collaboration with University at Albany on a Department of Energy lidar buoy as part of the Wind Forecast Improvement Project 3. (Photo by Matt Brooking | University at Albany)

Novel Field Campaign Sets Sail to Improve Offshore Wind Forecasts

The nation is closer to its offshore wind energy goals than ever before, but has some rough waters yet to navigate. To further reduce risk and costs associated with offshore wind development—and help assure future wind farms operate efficiently and reliably—better wind forecasting is needed. Weather patterns are difficult to … [continued]

Does PNNL Deliver Energy Savings Through Rules & Codes for Buildings? Let Us Count the…

Here’s a sampling of recent buildings-related rules, codes, and standards that will substantially reduce energy use and carbon emissions Energy efficiency rules and requirements for buildings may not make a splash on the nightly news, but they have gained favor in the Biden Administration and are helping slash energy consumption, … [continued]

Researchers from PNNL, five other national laboratories, and DOE worked with stakeholders in Puerto Rico to outline a path toward building a fully renewable power grid by 2050. (Photo by Andrea Starr)

More Rapid Renewable Energy & Energy Storage Deployment Needed for a Resilient Power Grid in…

Results of the PR100 study outline near- and short-term strategies for Puerto Rico to achieve a renewable power grid by 2050 SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico—With lots of solar and wind power, energy storage, and advanced extreme weather impact modeling, Puerto Rico could achieve a 100% renewable power grid by 2050. … [continued]

Image by Sara Levine | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Researchers Using AI to Aid Disaster Response & Recovery

For some, all the talk about artificial intelligence sounds like science fiction, where futuristic societies are overrun by robots that begin to think for themselves. And given all the hype about AI, it is not surprising that 61 percent of respondents in a recent Reuters poll believed that AI poses … [continued]