Source: UK Energy Flowchart, Department of Energy and Climate Change (July 2013)

US Uses 11 Times More Energy Than UK (with Only 5 Times More People)

Originally published on Outlier, Opower’s blog. by Barry Fischer Last week, we called attention to America’s massive energy inefficiency problem. The amount of energy wasted by the US economy in 2012, we noted, could power the United Kingdom for 7 years. But of course the United Kingdom is more than just a reference … [continued]

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (July 2012)

US Wastes 61–86% Of Its Energy

Originally published on Outlier, Opower’s blog. by Barry Fischer, Opower’s head writer An updated analysis published last month by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory suggests that the USA is just 39% energy efficient. Put another way, more than half (i.e. 61%) of the energy that flows through our economy is ultimately wasted. The predominance … [continued]

Cleantech News Roundup

Below is some more cleantech news from the past week or so for your reading pleasure. However, this excludes some of our biggest categories — solar power, electric vehicles, and bikes. A couple roundups for those are coming soon. For now, here’s some pretty neat cleantech news: Tres Amigas Transmission … [continued]

10 Big Energy Statistics From 2012

  The good folks at Opower recently put together an interesting post on some top energy statistics from the year. Reposted from its blog, here’s the full article: By Barry Fischer Sometimes energy makes headlines, sometimes it doesn’t.  But it almost always has important implications for the global economy, the environment, … [continued]