Oliver Schmidt

Volkswagen Exec Oliver Schmidt Writes To Judge Due To Sentence Him, Says He Feels “Misused”…

On December 6th, Volkswagen executive Oliver Schmidt is slated to be sentenced in the US in relation to his earlier guilty plea to charges of conspiring to defraud regulators and to violate clean air laws.

Ahead of this sentencing procedure, Schmidt has reportedly sent a letter to US judge Sean Cox saying the he feels he has been “misused” by Volkswagen.

US Judge Orders Volkswagen Exec Oliver Schmidt Held Until Trial (Next January)

Orders from the court are that Volkswagen AG exec Oliver Schmidt be detained until his trial in January 2018. These orders come from a US federal judge in Detroit. The decision follows arguments by prosecutors that Schmidt represented a substantial flight risk — as a reminder, the German constitution doesn’t allow for the extradition of German citizens to other countries.