Nobel-prizewinning scientist Steven Chu

$2.2 Billion IPO For China Wind Power Longyuan

In one of the renewable energy sector’s largest IPO’s ever, China’s Longyuan Power Group Corp, Asia’s largest wind power generator is raising money in a share offering this month that is expected to raise $2.2 billion,  with trading scheduled to begin on Dec. 10. [social_buttons] Who’s buying? Billionaire Wilbur L. Ross … [continued]

DOE Hires a VC for The Green FDR

Under the new Green FDR administration of President Obama, there has been such an increase in renewable technologies funding, that keeping up with qualifying and selecting the best of the best in innovative new renewable energy tech is overwhelming the Department of Energy. [social_buttons] So Nobel-prizewinning scientist Steven Chu of … [continued]