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As a reminder of why we do what we do, here’s some top global warming and climate change news from around: Climate Science Each Degree of Global Warming Might Ultimately Raise Global Sea Levels by More Than 2 Meters They Didn’t Change the Name from ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’ … [continued]

Gasland II — On HBO Tonight!

This article was originally published on the indispensable climate and energy blog Climate Progress. By Joe Romm If you liked the Oscar-nominated fracking exposé “Gasland” by Josh Fox, you’ll love the sequel Gasland, Part II, which is being broadcast on HBO Monday night. I think it’s a better movie, more entertaining … [continued]

Study: Natural Gas May Not Provide Immediate Global Warming Improvement

Natural gas is considered an important part of the energy mix by many on the right and left because it can not only provide baseload power (generate a consistent amount of electricity reliably all the time), but natural gas can be used to fuel peaking and backup power plants which can be started quickly enough to backup malfunctioned power plants and avoid long blackouts in the event of a power shortage.