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Published on July 29th, 2013 | by Zachary Shahan


Climate News

July 29th, 2013 by  

As a reminder of why we do what we do, here’s some top global warming and climate change news from around:

Climate Science

  1. Each Degree of Global Warming Might Ultimately Raise Global Sea Levels by More Than 2 Meters

  2. They Didn’t Change the Name from ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’

  3. NASA: Globally, June Was Second Warmest On Record

  4. The Economist Screws Up on the Draft IPCC AR5 Report and Climate Sensitivity

  5. Many Species Will Have To Evolve 10,000 Times Faster To Adapt To Climate Change, Study Finds

  6. In Hot Water: Ocean Heat Content Continues To Soar

  7. How Last Week’s Hearing On The Social Cost Of Carbon Put Right-Wing Objections To Bed

  8. How Do We Know More CO2 Is Causing Warming?

  9. Bridge To The 2020s? Natural Gas Use Must Peak Between 2020 And 2030 To Meet Key Climate Goals, Report Finds

Climate Policy

  1. Why New EPA Chief Gina McCarthy Will Be So Important to Cleantech

  2. Calls To Do Away With Emissions Trading… Replace With Carbon Tax

  3. Biden Calls For U.S.-India Cooperation On Phasing Out Planet-Warming HFCs

  4. Fracking: Tax Breaks Raise Questions Over Agenda For Tackling Climate Change

  5. Absent Climate Policies, Global Coal Use Will Soar In Coming Decades, EIA Report Says

  6. In British Colombia, A Carbon Tax Works Just Fine

  7. Poll: Young Voters Think Climate Deniers Are Just Plumb Crazy

  8. Climate Poll: Three-Quarters Of Young, Independent Voters Describe Deniers As ‘Ignorant, Out Of Touch Or Crazy’

  9. The Positive Economic Impact of a Carbon Tax in, uh, hang on … 10 Charts

  10. China Plans To Spend $275 Billion To Combat Pollution Crisis


  1. Why Don’t We Do That Yet? (Use Olivine for CO2 Reduction)

  2. Carbon Contained in Fossil Fuel Only 0.005% of All Carbon

  3. Reuters Exposed: Publication Openly Hostile To Climate Coverage, Top Editor Doubts Climate Science

  4. False Balance Lives At Reuters: Climatologist Slams ‘Absurd’ Use Of ‘Unrelated Climate Skeptics Nonsense’

  5. 13 Strategies for Squeezing More Life Out of Less Carbon

  6. Global Warming Cartoon of the Week

  7. Carbon Dioxide’s Invisibility is What Causes Global Warming

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