MINI Countryman

Every Plug-In Car Model Has A Selling Point

Not that long ago, only a few electric cars were on the market. Nowadays, there are a few dozen. We certainly have a few favorites here on CleanTechnica, but every plug-in car really has its own selling points. I’m sure I don’t have a comprehensive list of these in my head, and many of the points are definitely as subjective as opinions about music or movies, but below are many of my thoughts on why I’d recommend various plug-in models.

BMW Plows Low-Range Plug-In Hybrids Into The Market — Who Wants Them?

The battle over whether a plug-in hybrid is really an “electric car” continues and BMW is doing nothing to tamp down the controversy. The latest EPA figures show the BMW 530e and 530e xDrive both have a minuscule all-electric range of just 16 miles or less. Hardly the “compelling electric car” Elon Musk has been begging legacy manufacturers to build for several years.

Plug-In Hybrid MINI Countryman On The Way?

Originally published on EV Obsession. The next generation of the MINI Countryman SUV/CUV will likely be offered as a plug-in hybrid, as well as a gas-powered version, according to recent reports. The global communications boss for MINI, Andreas-Christoph Hoffman, confirmed the rumors (to a degree) in an interview with the … [continued]