Nuance vs Simple Messages

We’re in the business of communications here at CleanTechnica. We have to constantly consider how to communicate in a useful, interesting, and clear way. One topic that comes up practically every day is how to balance simple messages with the extra depth, nuance, and details that create a more complete story.

How To Handle Trolls — Cleantech Communication Handbook Coming

Working in the cleantech communication business since the middle of 2009, I can say that I’ve picked up quite a few cleantech communication tips, and I try to sharpen them every day. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen a lot of examples of bad, bad, bad cleantech communication — communication flubs are quite abundant in this field. (And, yeah, I’ve been the person behind those bad examples from time to time.)

Many cleantech enthusiasts actually use talking points and discussion strategies that are counterproductive. Yikes!

The Pollution Industry Just Wants To Love You

It’s a warm summer night and you’re enjoying the cool breeze off of a wonderful Caribbean beach. There are no cancer-causing power plants around, because the island has gone solar. A greased up oil company exec is nearby, with the scent of millions or billions earned off the backs of working-class Americans wafting off his pale white chest. No, he doesn’t brag to you about his garage full of Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces, and the way he tried to recreate a Caribbean-like beach next to one of his mansions. No, this oil & gas billionaire — whose fortune was earned only in the most moral of ways — tells you about how he spent his life trying to help humanity, trying to bring a better life to the underappreciated common man & woman.