Cabot Launches First Graphene-Based Additive To Improve Energy Density Of Li-ion Batteries

Cabot has developed a graphene-based additive called LITX™ G700 to improve the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. LITX™ G700 is a conductive graphene-based additive that is to improve conductivity and achieve a high energy density in lithium-ion batteries at “ultra-low loadings” in comparison to conventional additives. Lower volume additives offer the advantage … [continued]

Germany Launches €36M Research Project into Li-ion Battery Safety

Germany has launched a €36-million research project into li-ion battery safety that will last 3 years.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is going to contribute €19 million ($24 million) to the €36 million ($46 million) public-private research project intended to improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries for battery-electric (BEV) and hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV).

Financial private sector contributions to this project amounted to €17 million ($22 million) […]

Much Faster EV (& Consumer Electronic) Charging from Graphene Intentionally Engineered with Defects

  In an effort to solve a problem in rechargeable lithium (Li)-ion batteries that prevents them from quickly accepting or discharging energy, engineering researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute intentionally engineered defects in a sheet of graphene, resulting in a graphene anode material that can be charged or discharged 10 times faster than … [continued]

Air-Breathing Batteries: How Does Recharging Your Electric Car Only Monthly Sound?

IBM-led researchers have estimated that a recent battery technology under development could enable electric vehicles to travel 800 km (497 miles) per charge. This technology is a lithium-ion battery that utilizes air (partially) to generate electricity. The lithium-air battery was invented years ago, and researchers have been working on improving … [continued]

Lithium-Ion Battery Market to Grow 700% by 2017, New Report Finds

  Pike Research has just come out with a new market research report, “Electric Vehicle Batteries.” The report, which ranks what it thinks are the top 10 Lithium-ion battery companies, finds that market revenue for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries for transportation (EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) “will grow over 700%, from $2.0 billion annually in … [continued]