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Cleantech Revolution Sprouting In Poland — Seriously

Poland is infamous among climate hawks within Europe (including within Poland). As I say, unfortunately, it is like the Tea Party wing of the European Union. With approximately 90% of electricity coming from coal, the coal lobby is hugely powerful here — so deeply powerful that extremely smart and thoughtful people are indirectly misinformed by this industry. There’s also a strong anti-science trend here — on climate science as well as some other matters. If climate progress in the EU is blocked, it’s very likely blocked by Poland.

Infrastructure Needed For 100% Renewable Electricity In Europe — New Study Explores The Question

Originally published on Solar Love. To reduce contributors to climate change and grow worldwide renewable electricity use, having the proper infrastructure in place is critical ingredient. Due to increasing environmental concerns, numerous studies report on the best ways to reduce GHG emissions. One of the most effective actions that can … [continued]