Industry Coalition Objects To DRECP Limits

Originally published on the ECOreport. Some think of Ivanpah as a renewable milestone. Mojave elder Reverend Ron Van Fleet finds it an obstacle to performing rituals at a sacred site within the solar plant’s enclosure. The residents of Boulevard were more successful fighting against encroaching industrial scale wind and solar plants. Environmentalists are concerned about the negative … [continued]

How Ivanpah Raised Its Performance In Its Second Year

In 2015, PG&E customers received about 97% of Ivanpah’s contracted electrons, which is a massive improvement over its first year. But this raises a question: Source: SEC/EIA data Unit 1, Unit 3 What exactly were the engineering challenges at Ivanpah – and why did they take a year to solve?  To find out, I spoke with engineering experts at NRG, … [continued]

Solar Opponents Win: Palen To Be Trough, Not Tower

According to a filing with the California Energy Commission (CEC) this week, Abengoa has apparently given up on attempting to permit what would have been California’s second concentrated solar power (CSP) project after Ivanpah to use tower technology. In its latest iteration, this was to have been a 250 MW tower with storage. Instead, … [continued]