Institute for Local Self Reliance

Report: New Survey Shows How Electric Utilities & Policymakers Are Holding Back Local Solar

Based on our first ever survey of solar developers, ILSR’s new report shows how electric utilities and policymakers are creating unexpected delays and added costs for solar projects and slowing the growth of local solar. The report, 2021 Local Solar Developer Survey, seeks to identify the most common and impactful barriers to local … [continued]

Drone Data Helps A Minnesota City Conserve Energy

Originally published at Maintaining healthy, comfortable buildings can be expensive in Minnesota — especially during polar vortex events. Warren, a small city in Northern Minnesota, is offering an innovative public service: images that reveal building heat loss, captured by drones. For this episode of the Local Energy Rules Podcast, host … [continued]

New Power Generation Quarterly: 2021 Q2

Originally published on Nearly 7 gigawatts of new power generation capacity came online in the second quarter of 2021. Renewable energy generation capacity growth was comparable to last quarter, while new fossil gas construction dropped dramatically. In 4 of the last 8 quarters, the fossil gas contribution to new … [continued]