HERO PACE Financing

Morningstar Reaffirms PACE

The report makes it very clear that PACE is not a mortgage, and it needs to be considered with different metrics. Though major PACE programs collect FICO scores, their key consideration is the lien-to-value ratio. This is because “PACE lending is tied to the asset and not to the creditworthiness of the property owner.”

The DOE’s New PACE Guidelines

After months of review, the DOE’s new PACE Guidelines have finally been released. The USA’s largest Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) providers do not anticipate any complications with the DOE’s new guidelines. Both Renovate America and Ygrene believe they are already in line with most of what the government is suggesting.

85% Of California Can Apply For HERO PACE

Originally published on the ECOreport. Sacramento was one of the 16 cities and five counties that recently adopted the HERO Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program. Now 85% of California can apply for HERO PACE loans. Actually Saving Money Some customers are actually saving money, in terms of their cash flow, by … [continued]

EPA Recognizes Renovate America’s Innovative Partnerships

Originally published on the ECOreport The Environmental Protection Agency recognized three local governments for their “Innovative Partnerships” with a PACE provider in its 2016 Climate Leadership Awards. In the press release, in which the EPA announced awards being given to “One Individual, 13 Organizations, and three Partnerships” across the US, it says: The … [continued]

LA Is HERO PACE’s Fastest Growing Market

Originally published on the ECOreport Eric Garcetti has long been an advocate of clean energy. During his many years as a city counselor, he wrote Los Angeles’ green building ordinance. As mayor, Garrett promised to create 20,000 clean energy and clean water sector jobs during his first term (2013-2017). In April 2015, … [continued]

HERO Financed $1 Billion Of PACE Projects

Originally published on the ECOreport Renovate America CEO J.P. McNeill does not give many press conferences. In fact, this is the first I have attended in the three years I have covered this company’s HERO PACE, but yesterday was a watershed. HERO financed $1 billion of PACE projects. Hero Has Financed $1 billion … [continued]

Financing America’s Solar Revolution

Originally published on the ECOreport Renovate America has financed more than $950 million worth of solar power, energy-efficient HVAC/windows/roofing, water capture systems, and artificial turf projects since 2011. Its HERO PACE program has already been been used by 38,000 homeowners, adopted by 347 Californian communities, and rumor has it that … [continued]