Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Photo by Zach Shahan | CleanTechnica.

Yet Another Oil Spill Hits the Gulf of Mexico

The largest Gulf oil spill since Deepwater Horizon highlights the inherent risks of offshore drilling to coastal communities and marine ecosystems. A new large oil spill hit the Gulf of Mexico on November 16. This disaster is a stark reminder of the constant risk that offshore drilling poses to wildlife, ecosystems, and … [continued]

Facing Down the Fossils — 4-Part Video Series

“Facing Down the Fossils” is a series about the people who are dealing with generational consequences of the pollution and economic damage caused by the fossil fuel industry and who now face the prospect of even more fossil fuel projects in the United States. In response, these communities are not only standing up to wrongdoing but also leading the effort to advance clean energy production.

Interior Department Proposes First-Ever Offshore Wind Sale in Gulf of Mexico

Proposed lease stipulations would prioritize workforce training, domestic supply chain development, fishery protection, and community engagement In another step by the Biden-Harris administration to grow America’s clean energy economy, the Department of the Interior today is proposing the first-ever offshore wind lease sale in the Gulf of Mexico. The announcement … [continued]