green ammonia

Midjourney generated image of a jigsaw puzzle with pieces of hydroelectric dams, wind turbines, transmission, Quebec's fleur de lys, farm fields, fork lifts and ships

On Hydrogen Forklifts, Bitcoin Mining and Green Fertilizer

The common thread among the disparate things in the title is hydrogen, whether green, gray or pitch black. What, you might ask does hydrogen have to do with forklifts, cryptocurrency and green fertilizer? Read on. Let’s start with forklifts. Recently they splashed across screens again, as Amazon installed a hydrogen … [continued]

ChatGPT & DALL-E generated panoramic image illustrates the metaphor of green hydrogen as the key to the future, with elements of Quebec's landscape and agriculture.

Quebec Has All Conditions For Success To Be Green Fertilizer Giant

As we consider how major industries will shift, one of the key questions is what industries by definition are high carbon in one place but can be green as the driven snow in another? And so we come to fertilizer, and not the kind that comes from the north end … [continued]