Image courtesy of Cynthia Shahan | CleanTechnica.

Heavy, Dirty, Tardy: Company Car Electrification Lagging Behind Private Market for 3rd Year in a…

Electrification in the company car market lags behind — particularly in Europe’s biggest car markets France and Germany, a new report by green group Transport & Environment (T&E) finds. The company car market lagged behind on electrification again last year with battery electric vehicles accounting for 14.1% of corporate sales, … [continued]

Image from Renault Group

Autonomous Shuttles For Roland-Garros 2024: Renault Group To Launch An Ambitious Level 4 For Public…

Renault Group has chosen to approach the autonomous vehicle strategy in the years to come by separating expectations for individual vehicles from the needs of public transportation: For the individual vehicle: assistance rather than autonomy, with ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) at the top level of the market for even … [continued]

ChatGPT & Dall-E generated panoramic image visually captures the metaphor of green hydrogen being akin to Champagne, highlighting their shared attributes of rarity and value.

Hype Taxi Using Massive European Grants To Pay For Champagne-Scale Hydrogen Costs

In the crazy world of hydrogen-for-transportation plays, some endeavors stand out. Ballard’s $1.3 billion in losses, $55 million a year, since 2000 with no profits ever is one. The $1.2 billion that California received as a hydrogen hub which is going to go down the drain because it’s being spent … [continued]

March 2024 France Passenger Auto Registrations

EVs Take 27.9% Share In France, & The Peugeot e-208 Is Still On Top

March’s auto market saw plugin EVs take a 27.9% share in France, growing from a 25.4% share year-on-year. Full electric volume was up by some 11% YoY, while plugin hybrid volume grew 4%. Overall auto volume was 180,024 units, marginally down YoY, though well below 2017–2019 seasonal norms (~230,000). The … [continued]

Panasonic to Release Commercial Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Using Natural Refrigerants for Europe

For multidwelling units and light commercial property Compact design at the highest level of the industry Osaka, Japan — Panasonic Corporation has announced that its Heating & Ventilation A/C Company (HVAC) will release three new models of commercial air-to-water (A2W) heat pumps using environmentally friendly natural refrigerants for multidwelling units, … [continued]