100% Electric Nissan e-NV200 Returns Iconic Harrods Delivery Fleet In London To Its Early Electric…

Do you ever wonder what shape the world might be in if electric cars had not been replaced by gas cars so long ago? It has been over 100 years after the legendary London department store Harrods first added an electric van to its fleet. Harrods is now returning to electric vehicle technology. The company has selected the 100% electric Nissan e-NV200 delivery van as the latest addition to its delivery fleet.

Fleet Experts Name Hyundai IONIQ Electric “Best Plug-in Car” For Fleets

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric has gotten a lot of accolades from early reviewers, including from us. A new press release from the UK reports that an expert panel has now served up a prestigious award to the car as well. Fleet News chose the IONIQ Electric as the “Best Plug-in Car (0g/km)” for fleets.

Hyundai seems to have really earned this award (even if it didn’t win) and is developing a name for itself in the world of future mobility. The company actually won a second award as well — “Green Manufacturer of the Year.”

EV Revolution (& Fleet Workshop Tomorrow in Vancouver)

Clean Energy Canada. This coming Monday, Clean Energy Canada and the Fraser Basin Council—in collaboration with Electric Mobility Canada—are presenting Electrify Your Fleet in Vancouver, as part of Electric Mobility Canada’s national EV2014VE conference. This preview by Jeremy Moorhouse and Charlotte Argue outlines why electric vehicles and fleets make for a perfect match. Electric vehicles have … [continued]