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Image: BYD Seagull production, courtesy of BYD.

The Actual Benefit of High Tariffs on Chinese Electric Cars in Europe & USA

There has been a vast amount of discussion on Chinese electric cars making their way to European and US markets, and the European Union and USA putting high tariffs on these electric cars based on the assumption that production of these electric cars is being unfairly subsidized, overproduced, and then … [continued]

Midjourney generated image of electric cars charging up at Tesla Supercharger station.

The Alleged Electric Car Sales Slowdown Is A Fiction — The EV Revolution Is Alive…

The EV revolution is over! We must run and tell the king!! So sayeth the anti-electric car nabobs over and over (and over) again. Tesla is slashing employees, and doing it in the most unkind way possible by simply deleting their security credentials overnight so when they arrive for work … [continued]