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1st Slide for Tesla Shareholder Annual Meeting Adamant to Debunk, But Vague & Confusing

Covering the 2024 Tesla shareholder annual meeting, I’ve discussed two extremes that could be the future of Tesla depending on how the company’s current “big bet” turns out, and I’ve discussed 10 highlights from the main presentation. However, the first page of the slidedeck after the cover was an interesting … [continued]

"Elon Musk Dreaming of a Brighter Future" by jurvetson is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Does Tesla’s Future Hinge On The 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting?

Tesla’s real world challenges have already had an impact on its success. The question is, How much will current events, such as Thursday’s 2024 Annual Stockholder Meeting, affect Tesla’s future stability and viability? The Annual Meeting will be held at Tesla’s Austin headquarters. The company expects to accommodate only a … [continued]

Photo by Kyle Field/CleanTechnica

Tesla Shareholders MASSIVELY Split On Elon Musk Pay Package — What Happens After The Vote?

Some interesting things crossed my path recently regarding Tesla shareholders and the vote regarding Elon Musk’s pay compensation package. And it got me thinking — the bigger issue may not be the vote, but what happens after the vote. But let’s start with the vote. For starters, I learned that … [continued]