Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)

Figure 2. In 2023, average wholesale electricity prices (2023$/MWh) varied strongly by region. Shown are annual average real time electricity market prices based on data from all locational marginal p ce (LMP) nodes in 2023. Energy Markets & Policy Berkeley laboratory

Exploring Wholesale Energy Price Trends: The Renewables & Wholesale Electricity Prices (ReWEP) Tool, Version 2024.1

The Renewables and Wholesale Electricity Prices (ReWEP) visualization tool from Berkeley Lab has been updated with nodal electricity pricing and wind and solar generation data through the end of 2023: https://emp.lbl.gov/renewables-and-wholesale-electricity-prices-rewep. ReWEP users can explore trends in wholesale electricity prices and their relationship to wind and solar generation. ReWEP includes … [continued]

Texas Solar Power Growth Changing the Shape of Daily Electricity Supply in ERCOT

The electricity mix of energy sources in Texas, managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) electricity grid operator, changed noticeably in 2023. Although wind power remains the largest source of renewable power in the state, the installation of new wind turbine capacity slowed in 2023, while additions of … [continued]

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In Most U.S. Regions, 2024 Wholesale Electricity Prices Will Be Similar to 2023

We expect average wholesale electricity prices for 2024 in most areas of the country to be close to or slightly lower than in 2023 because of relatively stable generation fuel costs. However, periods of high demand or power market supply constraints could lead to temporary spikes in wholesale prices. We … [continued]

The Southwest Power Pool (SPP) uses a more specific alert system than NERC. Source: Southwest Power Pool.

How Do Electric Grid Operators Warn Us About Extreme Heat?

Electricity grid operators often keep a wary eye towards the thermometer, particularly during the summertime danger season, as daily temperatures soar above 90 degree Fahrenheit and heat waves spread around the country. And for good reason: extreme heat events cause a host of reliability issues for the grid. Electricity demand … [continued]

Monthly average wholesale electricity prices at selected trading hubs Data source: S&P Global Market intelligence

Wholesale U.S. Electricity Prices Were Volatile in 2022

Average wholesale electricity prices at major trading hubs in the United States rose throughout much of 2022 and were, at times, volatile as a result of extreme weather events. The limited availability of coal to substitute for higher-priced natural gas also contributed to higher electricity prices. Prices at all electricity … [continued]