electric Popemobile

Fisker to Build an Ocean Popemobile

Pope Francis will make good on his climate change agenda, giving flesh to his progressive nature, and will probably beat every head of state to an all-electric jalopy to move him about his official functions in St. Peter’s. This will happen when he receives the Fisker version of the Popemobile … [continued]

Maxim: Tesla Model 3 Is “Like Driving In The Popemobile”

Long ago, reviewers pondered over the Tesla Model S being “the Jesus Christ of automobiles.” But what about Tesla’s newer, lower-priced Model 3? It turns out the company’s smaller sedan has also been well received by both mainstream and automotive media outlets. Maxim, the swashbuckling men’s magazine, recently joined the fray with its own review of “the world’s most controversial car,” asking the all-important question: “Does Elon Musk’s baby live up to the hype?”

Pope Goes Electric Thanks to Renault

  Due to what can only be described as a preternatural desire to elevate the mobility-impaired, car-maker Renault has donated two electric vehicles to the Vatican for the specific use of His Holiness Benedict XVI. The Popemobile has definitely increased in stature and style since Pope John Paul II started riding around in that … [continued]