VOST Pros & Cons

Originally published on PV Solar Report. By Rosana Francescato Solar advocates around the country express varying views on the Value of Solar Tariff. Being proposed as an alternative to net metering, the policy has its pros and cons — but some worry that it imposes a tax on solar customers … [continued]

Rooftop solar energy supporters rally in Denver, before marching to the offices of utility corporation Xcel.

What Was Kansas Really About?

Trying to comprehend the net metering wars. Originally Published in the ECOreport. News of rooftop solar’s most recent victory reached me on Friday, April 4. The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) issued a press release stating, “Fresh on the heels of recent ALEC defeats in Utah and Washington, the solar industry … [continued]

Solar Net Metering Survival & Progress In Massachusetts, Washington, Vermont, & Utah

Originally published on PV Solar Report. Net metering continues to be a theme for solar, with legislative victories in several states. Massachusetts looks forward to favorable outcomes despite attempts to weaken net metering there. Last week, we reported on legislation in Massachusetts that would increase homeowners’ access to net metering … [continued]

Who’s Your Energy Daddy?

For now it remains large, investor-owned utilities, and ostensibly locally-focused rural cooperatives and municipal utilities. But the energy landscape of today gives me uncomfortable reminders of the Athenian tragedy by Sophocles — the Oedipus tale. John Farrell, ILSR’s Director of Democratic Energy, gave this panel presentation at the 23rd annual conference of … [continued]

ALEC & Xcel Scheming Behind Closed Doors?

Xcel Energy, an active member of the corporate lobbying organization the American Legislative Exchange Council through 2010, quit ALEC in 2011 to avoid negative publicity. The ALEC business model allows corporate lobbyists to pay $7,000 to $25,000 per year to write draft legislation behind closed doors with state lawmakers. State lawmakers then take the … [continued]