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US Congress Working On Autonomous & Connected Car Legislation

Everybody and their brother is salivating at the thought of connected and autonomous car technology. The cars of tomorrow will communicate with each other and with transportation infrastructure to speed drivers quickly and safely from place to place. They will create new business opportunities as people give up owning private cars and participate in ride-sharing and ride-hailing services instead.

Climate Change Denial A Bargain At $1.2 Mil

Ultraconservative news media, the new Congress, and some state governments have heavily relied on the testimony of Dr. Wei-Hock “Willie” Soon to discredit national and international reports on climate change by mainstream scientists. It turns out they’re probably making a big mistake. Dr. Soon has claimed repeatedly that variations in the … [continued]

eVIZ homescreen Image Credit: Natural Resources Committee

Natural Resources Committee Democrats Release eVIZ App

The Democrat Natural Resources Committee alongside Representative Ed Markey released Tuesday a new app for iOS called “eVIZ” — short for energy visualiser. The app is “an interactive experience that takes you inside America’s energy system like never before.” “The eVIZ app is an example of how committed Committee Democrats … [continued]

Clean Links (Solar, Wind, Wave, Clean Transportation, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Policy, & Cleantech Innovation…

  Other than our own stories on these topics and more, here’s some top clean energy news from around the internet from the past several days. News on solar energy, wind energy, clean transportation, clean energy policy, wave energy, energy efficiency, and cleantech innovation. Solar Energy Average prices for crystalline-silicon … [continued]