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Natural Resources Committee Democrats Release eVIZ App

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The Democrat Natural Resources Committee alongside Representative Ed Markey released Tuesday a new app for iOS called “eVIZ” — short for energy visualiser. The app is “an interactive experience that takes you inside America’s energy system like never before.”

“The eVIZ app is an example of how committed Committee Democrats are to technology, innovation and new ideas,” said Rep. Ed Markey. “As more consumers harness the power of apps and tablet devices, Congress has the opportunity and responsibility to present government data and information in a creative way.”

eVIZ homescreen

eVIZ homescreen
Image Credit: Natural Resources Committee

eVIZ Fuel Efficiency Calculator Image Credit: Natural Resources Committee

eVIZ Fuel Efficiency Calculator
Image Credit: Natural Resources Committee

The app provides three animated visualisations which shed light on US energy production: view how extreme weather events have cost the nation in the past, play around with the fuel efficiency calculator, and see US energy production and consumption “in a new way.”

The app is available for free on the iOS app store for use on the iPad or iPad mini, however no evidence exists that the Committee members even realise there are other appstores out there.

The app is the result of Ranking Member Markey direction to create an iPad app that can “be used to convey information to Members, Congressional Staff, the public, and the press on energy production, consumption, and the impacts of extreme weather and climate change.”

eVIZ Extreme Weather Image Credit: Natural Resources Committee

eVIZ Extreme Weather
Image Credit: Natural Resources Committee

I’ve got the app running on my iPad right now, and it’s a slick creation. The developers have really made the most of the tactile functionality of the tablet interface. However, with no obvious legend in place, exactly what the colours mean is entirely up to your imagination.

You can choose from viewing the production values of any of the major energy sourecs — including coal, geothermal, nuclear, oil, solar, and wind energy — as well as the consumption by way of electrical, industrial, residential, transportation, or total energy consumption.

Each state is represented by a three dimensional bar rising up out of the ground, and zooming in will allow you to determine whether your state’s production or consumption levels are on the increase or decrease.

eVIZ Energy Visualiser

eVIZ Energy Visualiser
Image Credit: Natural Resources Committee

On the whole the app is quite nifty, and will no doubt allow legislators and law makers the opportunity to pump out more specific information in the future. It’s a good step forward, mindful of the need for education and similarly mindful of the way in which education is these days imparted.

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