direct air capture

Source: Naomi Cole and Joe Wachunas based on pathways of decarbonization from the World Bank and images courtesy of Unsplash

Carbon Sequestration (For Dummies)

A number of organizations have charted a path to a decarbonized world by 2050 and broken down required action into four areas or “pathways.” In recent posts, we discussed the first three pathways — decarbonizing electricity, electrifying everything, and using energy efficiently. We also discussed how individuals can take part in, … [continued]

Carbonfuture Announces Catalyst for Carbon Removal, Partnering With Heimdal, Lithos, Ucaneo

Carbonfuture has launched a new program called Catalyst, partnering with upcoming carbon removal companies for no-strings-attached carbon credit pre-purchases and methodology support. The first 3 companies which have joined the program and received such pre-purchases are: Heimdal, Lithos Carbon, and Ucaneo. The UN’s climate panel has stated the essential role … [continued]

Climeworks Announces Boston Consulting, LGT Bank, & Rothesay As New Carbon Removal Customers

In addition to high-scale emission avoidance and reduction efforts, high-quality carbon removals are beginning to be another component of global net-zero roadmaps. This has triggered both LGT and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to sign a 10-year air capture agreement with Climeworks, thereby committing to a longstanding commitment towards carbon removal. … [continued]