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Climate Finance: The Hottest Issue At COP22

Climate finance is likely the most important issue the delegates of COP22 are working on. The term refers to the local, national, or transnational loans, grants, and other financing put forward to meet climate change goals. Finance may come from public, private, and/or alternative sources. The table below presents current sources of climate finance data.

Development Of EV Markets & Charging Networks In Developing Countries (Based Off Of In-Depth Knowledge…

Editor’s Note: Below is an article by Hanna Yanchuk on the topic that she presented on during our Berlin Cleantech Revolution Tour conference. You can also view a few highlights from her presentation in the video at the bottom of the article. Our next Cleantech Revolution Tour conference is a compact one tomorrow in Leipzig, … [continued]

Climate Change Adaptation Costs In Developing Countries Could Rise $500 Billion Per Year

A new United Nations Environmental Programme report concludes that the cost of climate change adaptation could rise between $280 and $500 billion by 2050. The second in the United Nations Environmental Programme’s (UNEP) Adaptation Gap reports, the new report assesses the difference between the financial cost of climate change adaptation in developing … [continued]