DONG Energy Divests Its Danish Gas Business

Danish energy company DONG Energy announced earlier this month that it had divested its Danish gas distribution business to Energinet.dk. In a move tied in with the company’s intentions to launch an initial public offering (IPO), DONG Energy announced that it had divested its Danish gas distribution company, DONG Gas … [continued]

Denmark Turns Climate Goals Into Climate Law

Denmark has officially enshrined their climate goals into law, as has been reported in several locations over the past 24 hours. The official Danish Twitter account (@denmarkdotdk) linked to a post on website ‘tcktcktck.org’, confirming reports that the ruling party — the Social Democrats — along with the Conservative People’s Party, … [continued]

Denmark Presents: The QBEAK EV

Tiny little electric vehicles make a lot of sense for people living in urban environments – and (tell the truth, now) how many of you live in a city? Even with a relatively short range, small electric vehicles thrive in their natural habitat of […]

Post-Durban, Vestas Ends 2011 With Over 6 GW of Orders

Countries like the Ukraine, Poland, Pakistan, and Brazil have not previously been required to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Last month at Durban, that changed. Orders from nations like these boosted year-end wind turbine business at Danish wind giant Vestas.

The company ended 2011 with a total 6.2 GW of orders, and said that late orders coming in will be included in its annual report due early February, which are expected to take the total over 6.5 GW.

The flurry of orders came a month after international climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa, delivered a surprise stipulation that every nation has agreed to, to share binding, international cuts in greenhouse gas emissions within just 8 years.