6 Years of CNBC’s “Top” Tesla Coverage

Back when we published “Pravduh About Tesla” reports, it became clear that CNBC was the media outlet that published the most about Tesla. We tracked Tesla and Elon Musk coverage in the 22 or so largest media outlets, and CNBC routinely had the most stories published each week on Tesla or Musk. (Bloomberg was 2nd, Business Insider 3rd, and Fox News 4th).

Were CNBC Sources — “Tesla Employees” — Funded By TSLAQ?

CNBC recently published an article claiming that Tesla workers said they took shortcuts while working in harsh conditions in order to meet Model 3 production goals. This is a bold accusation that CNBC backs up with two names sources and several unnamed sources. The two named sources are husband and wife, Carlos and Maggie Aranda. There are some reasons you may want to be cautious before assuming these claims are true.

Hedge Fund Manager: Tesla The “Clear Winner” In Electric Cars, Elon Musk The Thomas Edison…

The founder of hedge fund Social Capital and one of Facebook’s first executives, Chamath Palihapitiya, gushed to CNBC today about how Tesla is the “clear winner in electrification.” Palihapitiya cited Tesla’s first-mover advantage, as the company that truly defined the modern electric vehicle and is the current sales leader in the market segment. Palihapitiya also called Tesla CEO Elon Musk the Thomas Edison of our generation.