ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Final

This Startup Wants To Put Geothermal Panels In Underground Garages & Tunnels

Right now when you think of panels collecting energy, you would probably think of solar panels or those black panels that heat water, but if you already filled your roof with solar panels, what do you do next? This is one of the most ingenious startups I have seen in a while, a reminder that out of the box thinking can lead to completely new solutions to problems that don’t require millions of dollars in R&D.

Lab-Grown Meat In Supermarkets Is Closer Than You Think, Thanks To Growth Medium Breakthrough

Multus Media plans to supply a lot of companies that will produce lab-grown meat. Acquiring and programming the stem cells needed for cultivated meat is only one part of the problem, while the other part is finding ways to feed those cells without growing a whole digestive system or whole animal. What we are talking about here is a very important component called the growth medium.

Mighty Meat Proposes A World Where Meat Alternatives Are Better For You & The Environment

In a world where humanity acknowledged that its addiction to meat was the single largest human contribution to global climate change, we would want alternatives and they would taste good. It turns out that somebody is thinking ahead, and that guy’s name is George Vou, founder and CEO of Mighty Meat. We had a chat with George when he came on our radar as one of the participants in this year’s ClimateLaunchpad Global Grand Final.

ClimateLaunchpad Startup Spotlight: One Computer

Two Persian brothers operating out of Estonia aspire to compete with the likes of Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud computing game but don’t want to buy any servers to do that. They have plans to utilize the massive amount of idle internet-connected computing power that charging smartphones represent. Put simply, they want to pay you to use your smartphone’s processing power while you sleep.