Climate Solutions

Meet the Environmental Scientist Who Wants to Decolonize Conservation

Indigenous communities “are seen as research subjects rather than researchers.” Originally published on Nexus Media. By Kate Wheeling Jessica Hernandez found her way to conservation science and environmental justice through her grandmother — and her knowledge about the natural world, accumulated over generations. Maria de Jesus, a member of southern Mexico’s … [continued]

Ashden Award Winners Show A Green Recovery Is Possible

Ashden hosts annual awards, established in 2001, that identify ‘the most exciting climate action around the world,’ and this year’s winners demonstrate their commitment to expanding approaches to climate action across sectors and regions. They build partnerships between existing organizations and startups, and work around the world to influence policy. And they have some big names on their side: their Patron is His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Top 5 Climate Change Videos Of 2018

We’re looking back at the videos that struck a chord with our Climate Reality audience in 2018. These top five videos were published on our Facebook page and were watched a total of 42 million times. It’s an incredible number that makes us hopeful that the world is becoming more and more aware of the climate crisis – and that together, we can stop the fake debates and focus on real solutions.

The World Isn’t Keeping Up With The Need To Invest In Sustainable Energy

Originally published on ClimateProgress by Jeff Spross When it comes to investing in a future of clean and sustainable energy, the world is rapidly falling behind. That’s the finding from a new study by the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), that determined global investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and adaptation actually dropped $5 billion … [continued]